Jazza Centre Offers Specialized Services

All Round DMs

An all round Domestic assistant-Well, this is everyone’s favourite. She fits best in a less demanding home (eg 2 bedroom house with 1 kid 3 years) She doubles in as both nanny and a domestic assistant


Nanny- Looks after children aged between 0-9 years


This is the home executive. She can drive, cook, clean, wash, tidy up and  basically manage your entire household. The kids are over the age 10 and need a lot of ferrying around to extra mural activities etc, you work late and need to come to warm meals etc. She may do one or more of the tasks, depending on individual household need, but this is essentially what she is all about.

Care givers

A caregiver is a person who cares for someone who is sick, disabled or dependent.

Office workers: ‘Tea girls’ , Cleaners

This is an employee in an office or working environment whose sole job is to cook and serve beverages and food, Her other responsibilities might include cleaning and ensuring general tidiness of the office/workplace


Our cooks are well trained by chef with necessary professional skill and prepares food in a professional setting. Our cooks when employed in a large household, normally sticks to cooking alone.ers.


Their main responsibilities include cultivating, taking care of a lawn or garden growing flowers or vegetables. In some households a gardener doubles as a ‘care taker’ with other responsibilities including opening/closing the gate etc.We conduct a thorough background check on all trainees whereby each trainee is expected to provide details of their guardian, next of kin, local administrator, church elder/leader and three references, with at least one reference being a previous employer.