Muthaiga office

Muthaiga suites just after Mathari Mental Health Hospital


off Kiambu Road along paradise lost road; Suez Canal Avenue

Jazza Training Centre

why pay the registration fee


It basically ensures the client’s commitment to the contract also caters for making of the contracts and the initial administration cost.

Why pay the management and security fee .

The security deposit secures the employee’s salary against¬†late payment or default by the employer.Worth mentioning is the fact that it is fully refundable.

Management fee caters for three items;

-performance management

-Relieving service


Is wearing Jazza uniforms optimal

It is mandatory for all our employees to be dressed in full uniform at any time when they are at work for professional presentation, and hygiene.

If an employee decides to resign from work ,how soon can a replacement be effected.

A replacement shall be provided under the following conditions;

-If the client requests after the quality assurance team have explored all options of on job support for the current employee usually after a maximum of five and a minimum of three supervision visits.

– within 30days of the previous employee reporting that she or he intends to leave and the supervisor should escort the new employee to the client’s place of residence to ensure a seamless transition.

-If the employee should opt to leave without giving notice replacement will be provided within 48hrs.