About Jazza Centre Executive Domestic Assistants

Jazza Centre, a growing employee leasing company, was founded in 2013 with a desire to fill the huge labour gap in the domestic services sector. The company focuses on imparting training and equipping domestic workers with the necessary competencies and skills that are paramount in the delivery of quality services to our clients. After completion of the training, we provide them with formal employment in the domestic services sector where they work as professional housekeepers, nannies, cooks, gardeners, ‘tea girls’/ cleaners (in offices).

We then match specifically skilled domestic workers with our clients, based on their individual needs, take care of all administrative matters related to the domestic workers.. We deal with all performance, payroll, leave and other HR related issues, while the client provides supervision on the ground.

We source and ‘grow’ a positive work ethic among staff so that they can envisage how to meet the needs of our clients. We do this through targeted recruitment that search for good staff, those that have a positive attitude and are ready to grow. We also invest a lot in providing ongoing staff training to ensure that positive work ethic is sustained and that each staff we deploy is given an opportunity to grow their skills.

Similarly, we support our clients to understand the worldviews and capacities of staff, especially for those at the lower levels.

Our business model is unique on the Kenyan market, especially with regard to domestic workers, since we have a staffing mechanism that allows co-employment between Jazza Centre and the client. Once hired, trained and placed, the staff is formally employed by Jazza Centre, but working for the client on agreed terms and conditions. Through a contract agreement, our clients pay the full amounts to Jazza Centre and then we pay our employees.

Jazza Centre deals with all performance, payroll, leave and other HR related issues, while the client provides supervision on the ground.

Jazza Centre was founded by Mr. Joseph Gichunge and Ms. Leah Imaita, who are popularly known for the introduction of a unique business model of leasing domestic employees after undergoing training to equip them with the necessary skills before being assigned to different clients. Mr. Joseph and Ms. Leah saw a need for domestic workers to benefit from equal access to training and an opportunity to develop a career path and develop their lives. Mr. Joseph Gichunge, the company’s CEO has five years of management experience, and extensive training on sales and marketing and he oversees all operations in terms of business development and customer management.  Ms. Leah, the company’s managing director has a background in bio-mechanical engineering and three years’ experience in operational excellence and is in charge of finance and Human resource which includes training.