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Jazza Centre, an employee leasing company, was founded in 2013 with a desire to fill the huge labor gap in the domestic services sector.

Jazza Centre was started with one of the main objectives being to empower especially less privileged. Majority of these women are single mothers with challenging backgrounds, such as early pregnancies and broken marriages, and have often been left with the sole responsibility of taking care of their children single-handily.

Jazza Centre gives them new perspectives by providing them with training, sustainable employment and a reliable source of income.Our terms and conditions are formulated to protect domestic workers and ensure they enjoy minimum working conditions.

We focus on Imparting training and equipping domestic workers with the necessary competencies and skills that are paramount in the delivery of quality services to our clients.We then match specifically skilled domestic workers with our clients, based on their individual needs, take care of all administrative matters related to the domestic workers.

We deal with all performance, payroll, leave and other HR related issues, while the client provides supervision on the ground. ‎